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Fife Endodontics Mission Statement

We are committed above all else, to treating all patients with kindness, respect, integrity, and compassion. We are equally committed to providing the highest level of Endodontic treatment to all patients who trust us with their care. We work with Dentists and Specialists who are also committed to the highest levels of treatment, integrity, and successful treatment outcomes.

Providing Quality Treatment and Staying Current:

We are one of the only offices in all of Orange County who uses the most current technology and equipment to provide the most consistent, quality care. The use of 3-Dimensional Cone Beam Imaging is the current state-of-the-art in Endodontics. Dr. Fife has been using 3-D Cone Beam technology for over 6 years. It is the best tool we currently have to be sure that all areas of disease are located and the true anatomy of the root canal system is visible to the Doctor. Relying solely on conventional 2-Dimensional imaging significantly limits a Doctor’s knowledge of the complex anatomy of the root canal system of a tooth.